50/20 Principle-What Man Meant for Evil, God Meant for Good

Genesis 50:20 says, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good…”.  Sometimes things happen in our lives that break our hearts or steal our joy.  In those moments it is so easy for us to forget that God has a hand in every part of our lives.  He knows what we are going to think before we think it and He knows every beat of our heart.  God has a purpose for everything even the things in our life that seem to take our breath away and break our heart.  When I was in college there was girl that I knew that was hit by a car and killed instantly.  She was about to graduate early and begin a promising career.  She was a sweet girl that loved the Lord and so many people couldn’t understand why it happened to her.  I think about the person that was driving the car and how they must feel.  You can only hope that God used that experience to teach them and all of us how precious life is and in one instant be taken away.  Life is not something to gamble with or take for granted; it is something to be grateful for.  We have to remember who opens our eyes every morning and keeps air in our lungs.  Our God is a BIG God.  We can’t even begin to understand, but we can understand that even the bad things in our life that man means for evil, God means it for good and He will always reveal it in His time.  Have faith in Him, seek Him out, and find comfort knowing good will come.

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2 Comments on “50/20 Principle-What Man Meant for Evil, God Meant for Good

  1. How I love this scripture, as I have lived it. I am so grateful for God pulling me out of a horrible situation and turning it into something so beautiful. Now anytime isomething bad happens, even a family member who committed suicide. I know somehow God will make something good out of it. Even if it’s helping others or helping my family and I to get through it. God is such an awesome loving and gracious father.

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