Benefits of a Team Building Retreat

Whether your group is large or small, comprised of teachers or students, friends or colleagues, a team building retreat can be beneficial for any kind of group. The time away from the chaos of everyday life will help your members to grow stronger, as a whole; new bonds will be formed and old bonds will be strengthened as individuals get to know each other through new experiences and challenging tasks. Camps are often times a great location for these retreats because not only are they secluded, but they have a staff that is trained in team-building activities.

Although team building retreats vary in type and length, the main goal remains the same and that is to improve overall team performance.  In general, activities will involves some combination of communication exercises, problem-solving/decision-making exercises, planning/adaptability exercises, and trust-building exercises. Other common areas that are often addressed through such retreats include: leadership, diversity, empowerment, and accountability. Even though the retreats are often short in duration, all of the activities are carefully planned so that lessons learned and the positive team environment can be transferred back in to the everyday workings of the organization.

In addition to be an educational and enlightening experience, team building retreats also allow members to enjoy each other outside the work environment and try things that they normally do not have an opportunity to do. Depending on location, participants can go canoeing together, play a game of softball, go fishing, use the zip line, play volleyball, and enjoy many other fun activities. Having these new experiences together and having members interact, without being bound by their roles, can add an exciting aspect to the retreat that will further promote fellowship among individuals.

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