Choices Have Consequences

How often do we stop to think about the consequences our choices have?  On ourselves?  On others?  Are our choices worth the consequences that we will face?  A woman by the name of Joy was an executive at the Coca Cola Corporation.  She made the choice to try to sell the Coke formula to Pepsi for over a million dollars.  Can you imagine what you could do with that much money?  How many things you could buy?  Instead, the Pepsi Corporation called Coke to inform them that one of their employees was attempting to sell the formula.  Joy was arrested and taken to federal court where she was found guilty and sentenced eight years.  What if that was your mother?  If you were 12 years old at the beginning of the sentence your mother would miss the major events of your childhood including your high school graduation, prom, graduation from college, and possibly even your wedding.  So is it worth it?  What is more valuable, the money or the memories?  Remember choices have consequences, whether good or bad, we have to think about the consequences of our choices before we make them.

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