Christian Retreats at Deer Creek Camp

Retreat season has begun at Deer Creek Camp!  Our weekends have been very busy with different youth and adult groups coming in from all over Texas.

I can still remember my first church retreat, which was ironically enough, at Deer Creek Camp.  I remember pulling into the property in Hunt, TX (before Deer Creek moved to Medina) and I didn’t know what to expect.  I still remember hearing the famous 5 rules of Deer Creek Camp and meeting Papa Bear and Mama Bear as they welcomed us.  It was an incredible retreat and before I knew it I was going on many more retreats with my church.  I became a team member on several retreats even bringing our program to other churches in the area.  I witnessed a lot of love, change, and the growth of friendships over those years, but most of all I learned more about our faith and the incredible God we serve.  It is such a humbling blessing to be a part of the team at Deer Creek Camp providing a wonderful retreat experience to every group that comes through the gate.  Each group is different and each group is so precious to us.

With many more retreats coming up in the next few months, the excitement is overwhelming.  It is going to be a great retreat season here at Deer Creek Camp!  If you would like more information about booking a retreat at camp, give Claire a call in the office!

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