Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Righteousness

Our thought becomes our actions turning into habit establishing our character and controlling our destiny.  This summer our theme is “Armour Up”.  We are teaching campers about how to equip themselves with the full armor of God.  The helmet of salvation and the breastplate of righteousness are the two most important pieces of armor in my opinion.  These two pieces of armor protect our most vulnerable areas, our mind and our heart.  Our mind and our hearts are easily taken over by Satan whispering in our ear.  When we let our guard down and do not equip ourselves with God’s word, we are leaving an open door for Satan to come in and take over.  Our thoughts are controlled by our hearts.  In Paul’s letter to the people of Corinth he warns the people that Satan will get into our thoughts and cause us to not thinking about Jesus.  When our thoughts are led away from Christ, we will eventually be destroyed.  We are encouraged throughout scripture to stand firm.  We need to destroy every speculation and take captive every thought for Jesus Christ.  It is important for us to remember that the helmet of salvation and breastplate of righteousness WILL protect us from the evil one, but we have to be equipped.  Remember that it is easy for our thoughts to turn into actions which will become habit.  When our habits are not glorifying to the Lord, we will fall away and fall into the darkness of this world.

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