How Will We Face the Storm?

Yesterday we talked about Jesus walking on water during the storm.  When I was in college I had the opportunity to study abroad the summer before I graduated.  I was finishing up my History minor in Normandy.  One of our field trips was to Jersey Island.  To get to the island, we had to take a small shuttle boat.  It was a rainy day, so naturally the sea was not calm.  I had never seen such tall waves or experienced such a rough sea.  I grew up spending a lot of time on the water because my grandparents owned a houseboat in Mississippi.  The gulf was no match for this sea.  The boat rocked and many of my friends began to have a great fear sweep over them.  I looked out the window and all I could think about was how Jesus had calmed the storm many times and told the sea to be still.  Re-visiting this story this week has just made me think even more about how Jesus had such a great peace that He walked on the water with the waves reaching great heights and the winds blowing around Him.  How great is our faith that we could walk on water during a storm?  Isn’t that what Christ calls us to do?  Are we not supposed to have a faith like Christ and have a great peace knowing He is with us when we face those storms that shake up our lives?  That is my encouragement today.  Stay strong, have peace, trust in the Lord that He is with you.  Do not be afraid when you see Him walking towards you during the storm, instead get out of the boat, take His hand, find comfort in His embrace.

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