Matt’s Message

Kurt Hahn said that it is “neglect not to impel young people into experiences”. This quote underscores my passion for transforming young people’s lives through adventure and every day experiences.  The adventure and experiences that most influenced me, took place at camp. I can recall the trials of establishing myself in a new group of peers, the excitement of trying new activities and discovering a new talent, and the exhilaration of rising up to be a cabin leader.

Camp has always been a safe place of growth, discovery, and challenge; and I am so excited that Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and the Deer Creek Camp Staff have invited me to join in their ministry as Camp Director. I look forward to encouraging and challenging the Deer Creek Campers that they might grow up to be effective leaders and followers of Christ.

I welcome your introductions to the camp culture, so please feel free to shoot me an email or catch me on Facebook and let me know what you love about Deer Creek.   I look forward to seeing you all at a Bear Jamboree and I can’t wait for next summer.


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