Private Journey, Public Walk

Is it easier to be a Christian when you are surrounded by other Christians?  We are responsible for not just having a private journey but a public walk.  When I was a student at Texas A&M I attended almost every football game in Kyle Field. When I am standing in the student section during a game with thousands of Aggies, I consider myself to be a fan.  I am cheering on my team with my whole heart.  The Lord wants us to do the same for Him.  For us to cheer on His team and be a fan we have to come to learn who He was.  Who was Jesus?  To name a few, Jesus was humble, all-knowing, powerful, approachable, compassionate, and at peace.  When we look at scripture, especailly the gospels, we see these qualities clearly displayed.  He had a very public walk and He gave his life because people wanted Him silenced.  Fear is what keeps us from speaking the gospel to everyone we come in contact with.  We are here to be disciples for Jesus carrying on His work until we join Him in Heaven.  There are going to be storms in our life, but it is in those moments that we need to be as Christ was and rest assured that our God will protect us and keep us safe.  We cannot fear the storms when we have God on our side.  Have no fear for the Lord is with us.

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