Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future

How much of an influence do we let other people have on our lives?  Sometimes we allow other’s ideas to become our own, and begin to resemble them more than we resemble ourselves.  This morning at Jump Start we learned a very important CORE value, show me your friends and I’ll show you future.  This also ties into another CORE value, follow no man further than he follows Christ.  There are people in our lives that will have a major effect on us and change us whether it is positive or negative.  It is important to ask ourselves, where are our friends leading us?  Sometimes the people we are following will lead us towards Christ.  They will encourage us, pray for us, and love us at Christ calls us to love each other.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  On occasion people come into our lives that lead us further from Christ separating ourselves from God.  They get in the middle and want to take His place in some ways.  We are called to have a community, to be a part of the body of Christ.  When we are in a community we have people are around us that we want to follow, but we also have to remember that they are following us too.  We have to make sure the life that we are leading is one that we want people to follow.  So who’s following you and where are you leading them?

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