The Floating Islands Are Up and Ready!

For those of you that have been keeping up with the Deer Creek news you know about the construction of the new high element, the Floating Islands.  Well after just a couple of weeks, the construction is finished!!  The summer staff is currently in training here at camp eagerly awaiting the first camper’s arrival on June 5th!  As a part of the training, the staff has the opportunity to experience all of the high elements.  Our men’s COR Team coordinator, Travis Hanson, was the first to challenge himself on the Floating Islands.  After he climbed up the telephone pole he made his way across another telephone pole that is laying horizontal.  You must cross this pole in order to get to the islands.  Once at the islands, Travis traveled across one at a time until he made it to the other side.  What an exciting event at Deer Creek Camp to watch this new high element go through it’s first test.  It was a success!  We are excited to share this new high with all of the campers that come through the gate this summer for camp! 

The first test was a success! Counselor approved, camper ready!

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  1. Wow, that looks cool. Hope you are having fun up there. We could tell that was you by your knees. Haha We are glad your new high element is a success. We miss you. Love, Mommy and Dad

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