The Wandering Sheep Searching for a Shepherd

Christ is referred to as a shepherd many times throughout scripture.  If He is the shepherd, wouldn’t that make us His sheep?  We are wandering sheep needing a shepherd so we don’t begin to stray.  If sheep do not have a shepherd they begin to wander and eventually the wolves will come, scattering the sheep and devouring them.  When the sheep are separated from their community and not unified then they will continue to wander, but with a community and a shepherd, they will find their way.  In this life, when we stray away from our shepherd, God, we open doors for “wolves” in our lives to scatter us and destroy us.  Without unity in our community we are lost sheep trying to do everything on our own.  If we are trying to do everything by ourselves then we are just putting ourselves first instead of putting God and others in that place.  When Christ died, he exchanged our lives for His.  “He will tend to His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs in His arms…” (Isaiah 40:11).  Our community is His flock.  We are called to make disciples, so how can you be a shepherd in your community?

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