Top 5 Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Christian Summer Camp

Each summer, thousands of children pack their bags and head-off to various types of summer camps in Texas, ranging from educational camps and camps of religious affiliation to sports and travel camps. Throughout the state, there are over 117 camps that are Christian-affiliated and their strong attendance records prove that there are many reasons to attend a Christian summer camp. Below are the top 5 of these reasons.

1. Fresh Air

It is all too common for kids to come home from school and sit inside all day, in front of their computer or TV, playing games or texting friends on their phone. Camp will get kids off the couch and into the great-outdoors for a healthier lifestyle that’s good for the soul and the body.

2. New Experiences

Camp offers a myriad of new experiences. From basic sports to low ropes and challenge courses (and everything in between!), campers are encouraged to explore the unknown in a supportive environment where they don’t have to fear failing.

3. Building a Relationship with God

Christian summer camps provide a serene and positive environment that encourages campers to build their personal relationship with God through small groups, high-energy worship, and a supportive environment where it is ok to ask questions.

4. Personal Empowerment

Camp counselors strive to instill self-confidence in their campers by encouraging them to try new things and validating their efforts with positive reinforcement. By taking away the fear of failure and ridicule, campers are able to discover their passions and pursue them without holding back.

5. Meaningful Friendships

There is something special about the relationships formed at summer camps. Molded by a positive environment that enables personal-growth it is not uncommon for camp friends to develop in to lifelong relationships.

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