What does God Say About the Meek?

The DCC definition of meek is:  strength under control.  The original Greek word used in scripture was used to describe a horse with a bridle.  If we think about the job of the bridle, it is to control the horses power.  The horse is no less strong with a bridle in his mouth, he has just become subject to the control of his bridle.  When we think about our attitude with this example, we realize that we has strength under control of our attitude.  When we have strength under control and we are able to control the power of our attitude then we are able to live a more joyful life sharing joy with others.  Being meek, we are also humbly gentle.  The DCC definition of humble is:  not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.  Think of yourself less today.  Keep your attitude under control and bring joy to others around you.

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