A Few Common Christian Camp Activities

If you ever went as a kid, you probably remember Christian camp activities fondly and want your children to experience them too. No camp is exactly the same, and most will change even year to year, but there are a few activities you can almost always expect to find at a Christian summer camp.

  1. Swimming. Most major cities and civilizations can be found near major bodies of water, but Americans value swimming more than just about any other culture. With water parks, lake houses, and ocean vacations serving as common components of our society, parents want their kids to know how to swim. Summer camp is often a place where they learn. Whether in a lake or a pool, kids can usually expect to spend part of their time at camp in the water.
  1. Exploration. Leaving the great indoors remains one of the biggest draws of summer camp. A few camps can be found in inner cities, but most are built and operated in extremely rural areas. Hiking, fishing, and ropes courses can almost always be counted among Christian camp activities. The environment encourages campers to see a grander part of God’s creation; it’s one of the most thrilling and memorable aspects of any summer camp.
  1. Devotions. God serves as a central aspect of all Christian camp activities, but studying His word and engaging in worship are essentials at a Christian summer camp. Special time is often devoted each morning to reading the Bible, and every gathering usually spends some time to prayer and praise. Growing in faith blesses anyone, but it can be especially meaningful to kids, who don’t have many other avenues in this secular world.

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