Are Texas Summer Camps Safe?

If you’re a concerned parent, you know how hot this state can get, so it’s easy to fear your child’s safety while they’re at Texas summer camps. Heatstroke, getting lost in the wilderness, and dehydration are not irrational fears. Children do get hurt and overheated at some camps; but they get hurt and overheated in some schools too. Every part of life has a bit of risk, but we at Deer Creek Camp have worked tirelessly to ensure as much safety for our campers as possible.

With a medical staff of RN and MD professionals, an EMS station two miles from camp, and hospitals in the local area, Deer Creek Camp is more ready and better positioned than most Texas summer camps to handle an emergency. Like anywhere, accidents happen from time to time, but we take multiple precautions to prevent and deal with mishaps when they occur. You shouldn’t imagine you’re sending your child off to the wilderness. Though we love the rustic environment around us, we have remained well equipped with modern technologies to remedy any injuries that might occur.

It’s also important to note that camps are not as dangerous as some believe. Yes, some of our campers are experiencing the true outdoors, sports, and high ropes courses for the first time, but in such a large group setting, other campers if not the counselors themselves will notice the possibility for danger. Young children aren’t allowed to roam out into the wild alone, and our huge staff creates a 4:1 camper worker ratio—so no child can be left behind. Like anything in life, there is some risk to sending your young ones off to summer camps in Texas, but we at Deer Creek work to keep that risk is as low as possible.

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