Finding Christ at Fun Summer Camps in Texas

Most campers would agree that when you venture outdoors to enjoy fun summer camps, it is more than just a recreational experience – it can be a spiritual one as well. One cannot walk through a forest, paddle a canoe on a tranquilly still lake, or even stare up at the stars in a clear night sky, and not ponder how such beauty was designed.  However, this mystery of creation eventually gives way to a sincere thanks and appreciation that is celebrated by an ever present urge to smile a satisfied and gracious smile.  We are reminded that God is the Creator of all things, and for all of His glorious creations, nature is as close to perfect as you can get.

A camping experience that is Christ centered and is built around the sharing and celebration of experiences in a safe social setting is what Deer Creek is all about. Christ has been described in many ways, but not the least of which are the terms: counselor, teacher, and prayer leader. If you think about it, Deer Creek Christian Camp is modeled after the very teachings of Christ. Deer Creek and it’s guests are supported by trained, committed counselors; activities create learning and sharing experiences that lead to personal growth, and Bible study and reflection allow Christ’s teachings and words to penetrate the thirsty souls of the young people that attend the camp.

For generations, Christian camps have played an integral role in raising believers who stand for Christ and witness His message and lessons to people the campers influence and socialize with. In many instances, the lessons learned in the interdenominational Christ centered programs at these fun summer camps, form the leadership basis that future community, business, and government leaders need to ensure success.

The safe environment that is Deer Creek affords our young campers the proper environment to gain perspective without the distractions and noise that modern life inflicts upon us. Every year, there are countless personal stories of tremendous growth and tales of campers overcoming fears and gaining courage or perspective to face life challenges.

Consider Deer Creek Summer Camp or Retreats for people you know of any age or background. Fun activities coupled with exciting learning programs, will ensure your time at Deer Creek is a rewarding one.

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