Help Remember Christian Summer Camp: Make a Field Guide

With all the anticipation leading up to Christian summer camp, the actual time there passes by in an instant. It certainly isn’t a forgettable experience, but with so many activities, friendships, and adventures condensed into a few short days, it’s easy for campers to forget the bulk of their experience. Journaling or writing events down in letters to parents can help the memories stick, but hours spent transcribing camp are hours lost enjoying it. Scrapbookers collect mementos because pictures, items, and pamphlets aid the recollection of the past. Since camp is nestled so deeply into the wilderness, you can utilize the concept of a scrapbook while appreciating the outdoors.  Making a field guide at camp helps you enjoy your natural surroundings and remember the bulk of what you’ve seen and done.

Field guides have been around for centuries. From ancient explorers to modern-day bird watchers, they force the mind to closely observe plants and animals. One of the main allures of Christian summer camp is the rare opportunity to witness God’s creation. It’s common for campers to spend most of their free time exploring and hiking: taking in the scenic beauty of the world. By documenting the animals and plants you encounter, you see them better and appreciate them more fully. A field guide, though, doesn’t just make that camp experience more enjoyable: it helps you remember your time at camp. A sketch of an armadillo doesn’t just conjure up the moment you saw that animal. It’s a key that opens a doorway of memories: from the potato salad you ate before your hike to the worship session you were almost late to afterward. So much of camp is enjoyable that you don’t want to forget anything. Keeping a natural journal with a field guide can ensure you won’t.

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