Is Johnny Ready for San Antonio Summer Camp?

Little Johnny or little Sally is about to venture off on their first San Antonio summer camp trip. Are they ready? Are you ready? As a parent, you’re naturally nervous, and as a child, they’re probably nervous too! Here’s how to determine if your child is ready for a summer camp adventure, and how to prepare them for their first time at camp.


Has your child attended or hosted sleepovers with friends? Sleeping away from home can be an indicator if your child is comfortable with separating from you for a short time. If you have had difficulty in this area, you may need to address the causes behind any apprehension before embarking on a summer camp adventure.

Shy Kids

Some parents send their kids to camp in an attempt to force them to “socialize” or to overcome shyness. Sometimes this works out okay, especially if your child tends to make friends with relative ease despite his or her shyness. If your child displays genuine fear or apprehension in groups or when you’re not around, though, you should work on those issues with your child before sending him or her off to camp. Most of the time, however, summer camp is an overwhelmingly positive experience for kids—even shy ones.

School Behavior

San Antonio summer camps have rules, regulations, and schedules, much like a typical school day. If your child does well in school with these conditions, they should be able to adjust to the camp schedules and rules just fine.

A little nervousness and apprehension is normal—even on your part! Sometimes, the parents are the nervous ones and the child feels perfectly fine with the idea of leaving home for a week or two.  If that’s the case, focusing on the benefits your child will experience by attending summer camp may help you to let go of your fears.

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