It Takes Patience to Be a Camp Counselor in Texas

If it wasn’t great to be a camp counselor in Texas, no one would do it, because on paper the job isn’t the most appealing. Long hours, unhappy campers, and a pretty modest paycheck don’t add up to the best job. People, though, continue to return to the position, year after year, because it’s also one of the most fun and fulfilling things you can do with your summer. An internship at a major accounting firm might inflate your bank account, but investing in the lives of kids and being paid to create friendships make for one of the best jobs in the world. Making money by being social is an extrovert’s dream, but it still requires a bit of patience to be a camp counselor in Texas.

Every job requires a lot of empathy. Understanding where a customer’s frustration lies, reconciling contradictory opinions among coworkers, adapting communication skills for different personalities: all lines of work need empathetic people. Camp counseling is no exception. To really excel at the work, you have to communicate with campers at their level. Some nights you might not get much sleep, might have a poison ivy outbreak, might have to clean the sheets of a kid who had a scary dream. Things go awry, but through it all, patience is required to be a camp counselor in Texas. Your main job is to ensure kids have a great time, which means you need to stay composed and upbeat in even the most aggravating situations. It’s not a role just anyone can fill, but if you’re capable of being patient, it’s a truly amazing job.

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