Keep Them Close with a San Antonio Summer Camp

The movie The Parent Trap begins with a chance reunion between twins, both of whom just happened to be sent to the same faraway summer camp. For many campers, that’s a reality, and there’s a huge thrill to attending a camp out of state. A lot of parents, though, can’t fathom sending their children far away for weeks, but for those who live in South Texas, children can remain relatively close by attending a San Antonio summer camp like Deer Creek Camp.

Though technically in the Hill Country, Deer Creek is just an hour’s drive from San Antonio, two hours from Austin, and around the corner from Kerrville. A lot of America’s huge metropolitan areas are so expansive with their suburbs that no wilderness can be found within a hundred miles of them, but Deer Creek has maintained rusticity despite our proximity to the metroplex. This allows campers to still have the traditional, natural experience of camp without going too far away from home.

In this day and age, a lot of parents are very understandably protective, and living near your child’s camp can prove a tremendous relief. In the event of an emergency, if you live in San Antonio your son or daughter is just a quick drive away. Additionally, by attending a camp among the outdoors they can witness an aspect of South Texas beyond the crowded city. As the nation’s seventh largest city, San Antonio can feel cramped and overdeveloped. Encountering nature so close by can lead campers to appreciate the wider array of South Texas geography—enjoying a different part of God’s world while hardly leaving their backyard.

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