Keeping in Touch with Your Summer Camp Texas Friends

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. You don’t have to go to a funeral to know that’s true. Nothing in life is permanent, and the good times and blessings we enjoy one moment can be gone in the next. Summer camp Texas friends will always hold a strong place in your heart, but they tend to be some of the most temporary friendships in life. With so much of the relationship centered around your time together at camp, even if you live near each other during the rest of the year, it’s a difficult connection to maintain. It’s not impossible, though. Like any friendship, it just takes a little work.

Summer camp Texas friends create a bond that few people ever experience. Being pulled out of your comfort zone and living away from family and other friends facilitates closeness—and quickly. You immediately learn about each other’s lives, family, and interests; and you learn, play, and work together more than most friends do in a year. To maintain that outside of camp, if you visit a summer camp Texas friend, or have him visit you, don’t expect the same camaraderie you have with other friends.

Sitting around watching TV is fine for most after school buddies, but this friendship was based on adventure. Go hiking near your home; explore a new part of town together; try building something. Activities that mirror those at camp will continue the friendship. And if you don’t ever get to see those friends during the fall, winter, or spring, communicate through letters or e-mail, and try to remain as invested in their different lives. Keep asking about school, family, and life in general. Continuing the deeper conversations you had at camp will keep the friendship strong. If you get to see each other again the next summer, you can be sure the reunion will be a great one.

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