Life Education at Christian Summer Camps in Texas

Finding the right Christian summer camps in Texas can provide a fun, rewarding, and educational experience.  Camping has been part of American life for a long, long time. In the mid-eighteen hundreds, pioneers of all faiths and various countries of origin, camped out of necessity in their covered wagons, tents, and on the bare ground, as they made their way to the west coast of the United States.  In the years that followed, because of the growth of cities and urban centers, our society began to become disengaged from the natural “life education” benefits that camping provides.  In fact, as early as 1854, Henry David Thoreau chose to live in a Massachusetts cabin to write his classic, “Walden”, in which he chronicled his pursuit of solitude, combined with a search for the nostalgic life of a more rural time.

In 1864, a schoolmaster named Frederick William Gunn from Connecticut, decided to take an all boy group on a wilderness-teaching trip; the site ultimately became the Gunnery Camp near New Haven. Mr. Gunn made the correlation early on of how much an environmental shift can enhance the learning experience.  In 1930, educational expert Ben Solomon gave a speech to Teachers College about camping and the field of education. His speech was entitled, “Camping as a National Movement”.  In the speech, he established five values of camping: recreational, physical up-building, character-building, educative, and spiritual growth.  These values are cherished and understood today.

At Deer Creek, we strive to meet the aforementioned values through our programs and adventure experiences with our Christian summer camps in Texas.  We provide an atmosphere with opportunities for children to engage in valuable, experiential learning. This type of learning allows kids to take the information and lessons they have learned and apply them in real world situations.


Deer Creek is a summer camp in Texas that offers all of the things you would expect a summer camp to be in the area of recreation and fun. At the end of a long day filled with new adventures and learning experiences, you may even partake in the American custom of roasting marshmallows and making s’mores around the campfire. Napkins are provided J.

Specialty Classes

Campers may choose 2 classes from football, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, photography, dance, drama, swimming, outdoor wilderness, guitar (guitars not provided), tennis, and arts & crafts. Specialty counselors are hired to coach these classes so that campers gain skills and confidence in their desired specialty, all while still having a blast.


Team building activities are a big part of the Deer Creek experience. Working together to set goals and achieve them, individually or as a group, teaches the campers life-long skills, as well as increases confidence and trust in societal situations.


Whether it is contemplating God’s beautiful creations while staring up at a star-lit sky, or sitting on the cabin porch studying the Bible, Deer Creek is committed to teach interdenominational, Christ centered values to campers through guided learning and activities. Sharing experiences and new understandings with new friends is a very rewarding experience, and happens every day at our Christian summer camps in Texas.

When you tally up the benefits derived from attending a well rounded camp like Deer Creek, you realize that many “life education” experiences have been gained and will likely impact the lives of campers for a long time to come.  They will carry their experiences with them, as they become tomorrow’s leaders.

According to a report by the American Camp Association:

  • 96% of campers say camp helped them make new friends.
  • 92% of campers say camp helped them feel good about themselves.
  • 74% of campers say they tried things that they were afraid to do at first.
  • 70% of parents say their camper gained self-confidence at camp.

To learn more about Deer Creek, and how a child (or adult) you know could benefit from the experiences outlined here, visit or call: (830) 589-7123.

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