Packing for Summer Camps in Texas

Planning on sending your son or daughter to one of the many summer camps in Texas? Soon you’ll be packing their bags and sending them off to a summer adventure that you know will positively impact their life. But now what? How do you pack for a one- or two-week trip? What if you forget something? Here are a few things to think about.

Plan Ahead

Most summer camps in Texas have a checklist of required items. For Deer Creek Camp, the 2012 list is located here. Also, be sure to see what is on the “unacceptable” list as well. For example, Deer Creek doesn’t allow iPods, video games, magazines, cell phones, food items or gum, among other items. If you’re in doubt, just call; our staff will be happy to help clarify the list.

There are three distinct categories you should plan for. Divide your list into hygiene, clothing, and personal stuff.

Hygiene Stuff

Start this list with shower and personal care items: deodorant, hairbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush, feminine items for teen girls, and any lotions and creams. If your child takes medications, make sure you check with your camp to see if they need any medication release forms completed. Bug spray, lip balms, and sunscreen are very important. You might also consider a mini first-aid kit for them to take along as well (though first-aid items will be provided if necessary).

Clothing Stuff

Pajamas and slippers are one of the most commonly forgotten items. Plan clothing amounts around the length of your stay: if the camp will be a week long, take 6-8 pairs of shorts, t-shirts, and underwear. Tank tops are allowed, as long as straps have a two-finger width, and swimsuits should be one-piece. Pack a pair of jeans and a hoodie in case of cool nights. A laundry bag for soiled clothing is recommended, and your child will need a sleeping bag or set of sheets and a pillow.

Don’t forget rainwear or a lightweight poncho to wear over clothes. Hats, sunglasses, and appropriate footwear (water shoes, tennis shoes, hiking boots, etc.) are other essentials that will make your camper comfortable. Oh, and include a few extra towels for whatever.

Personal Stuff

A particular favorite stuffed animal, or even a small family portrait, can keep your child from getting too homesick. Be sure to include a small personal flashlight with a few extra batteries, as well as a water bottle. Sending along stationery with stamped envelopes will help ensure you get a few notes to ease your own longing to be with your child. Also, an inexpensive camera, such as a cheap disposable one, will provide lasting memories to share. Since Deer Creek Camp is a Christian youth camp, don’t forget to send your child’s Bible, along with a pen and journal.

If you forget any items, the Camp Store carries water bottles, hats, visors, shorts, t-shirts, laundry bags, stationery, flashlights, and other items for easy replacement.

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