Sick away from Home: Colds at Summer Camp in Texas

Unless you’re in a FEMA bunker a mile underground, the common cold virus can reach you. Wherever two humans are sharing the same air, bacteria and viruses can be exchanged, so it’s no huge surprise that even the most remote regions encounter sickness. Summer camp in Texas is a pretty secluded place, but illnesses can get there, so campers and moms alike need to be prepared. Understanding the risks while trusting the institution can make summer camp in Texas a little safer and more carefree.

For Parents:

Just the idea of having sick kids away from home goes against all maternal and paternal instincts. At Deer Creek Camp, we realize all of our campers are someone’s children. We understand how hard it is to leave your loved ones in the care of others, so we take our role very seriously. Our staff is trained in emergencies, and though even the common cold isn’t common, we’re prepared and experienced enough to ensure your son or daughter recuperates fully and quickly.

For Kids:

Germs are everywhere. Daycares and airplanes are notorious for spreading viruses because they’re confined and crowded spaces. A lot of summer camp in Texas is outdoors, but cabins create the same environment as a plane. It’s less of a risk, but sanitary precautions should be taken. Washing hands isn’t just something to appease parents and teachers; it’s a powerful preventative method of contracting an illness. Enjoy the outdoors, but wash regularly in the cabin and before meals—and when you’re eating, even if a whole cup of punch is going to waste, never eat or drink after your friends. These little rules might sound silly, but they’ll keep you safe, which will keep your camp experience as fun as possible!

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