So You Want to Be a Camp Counselor in Texas? Let Us Know!

At Deer Creek, we know how exciting camp can be for campers and workers. It’s why we run the place. Operating a camp in Texas is definitely a job, but unlike most jobs, it entails a lot more fun and fulfillment than dull, menial labor. We love what we do. We work to provide an experience that builds friendships and faith among kids and families every year, which is why lots of people want to be a camp counselor in Texas. If you’re one of them, the first step is letting us know!

Camp counselors have to wear a lot of hats. They lead campers throughout their week and in spiritual guidance; they console kids who are lonely and homesick; they help plan and implement a lot of the great camp activities; and when there’s a need for it, they help with a few housekeeping tasks now and again. It’s a job that contains much more variety than almost anything else you can find. You’re always on your feet, always learning, often laughing, and never bored. It’s an ideal job for a lot of people, and it’s up to you to apply!

We realize that an online application can only offer a glimpse of who you are and what you’re like. Ours is just the first step in the process. We make it thorough, so once you’ve filled it out, we can get an idea of how well you’d fit in the camp. Browse over it here, and pray a lot about applying. If you want to be a camp counselor in Texas, you don’t have to be serious too often, but you do need to be serious about your faith. For you who feel like this is a job you think God wants you to take, then let us know by applying today!

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