Stop Lethargy with Adventure Camps

Unless you’ve outlawed all electronics from your home, you know that television is a curse and a blessing. On rainy days when everyone’s trapped inside, it can harness a lot of your kids’ energy; on warm sunny days, though, it can be addictive and keep children from actually enjoying the beautiful world. Finding a balance is difficult, and in summers, without the routine of school, boredom can glue kids to the television. There are a number of ways to keep your kids active during summer break, but sending them to adventure camps is one of the best.

Off-season sports and summer retail jobs may be a standard way to absorb free time, but they can prove as monotonous as school: wake up early, leave for work or training, come home and decompress in front of the TV. That might be a traditional summer schedule, but breaking the norm tends to be more memorable. Attending adventure camps can create a summer kids will never forget, and while they might make more pocket change at a summer job, these camps can develop them better for the future.

Unless they attend a college close to home, almost every high school senior moves out of their house after graduation. That separation can be hard for parents and young adults alike, but it’s easier if your kid has experienced independence already at adventure camps. Temporary separation, even at a young age, will prepare kids better for life, and they’ll learn to appreciate more of the world early on too. Encountering the outdoors, socializing with strangers, and breaking out of comfort zones all occur in a camp environment—and all of them develop personal strength and character. There are a lot of ways to absorb free time and prevent summer lethargy, but adventure camps can end up being the most developmental for the future.

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