The Advantages of a Two-Week Christian Summer Camp

Most parents remember the first time they left their son or daughter at Sunday school, or with a baby sitter: tears, screaming, desperate sobs and pleas to not leave them. It’s a God-given trait for children to be attached to parents, but He didn’t design people to live with their families forever, and independence begins at a very young age. Half a month might seem interminably long to some mothers and fathers, but there are advantages to a Two-Week Christian summer camp.

Attending camp for two weeks rather than one creates a tremendously heightened experience. To kids, a full year is the longest measurement imaginable, but most adults know that the holiday season always returns in the blink of an eye. Weeks pass like days (or even hours) the older people get, and while the childhood perspective of a week is still long, it really isn’t much time to spend apart from family. The youngest campers can still cling to the fact that the next Saturday they’ll get to see parents again, but when days are repeated and weekends come and go, they are emotionally freed to invest in their camp experience. Rather than holding out for the end of the week, they’re able to live in the moment of God, nature, and adventure.

Friends, too, are much more easily found with a longer stay. Camp friendships don’t always last beyond those summer weeks together, but with half a month of investment, they’re better suited to endure. Spending two weeks together will give your son or daughter enough time to really get to know cabin mates and others. More than skills learned or nature encountered, it’s these friendships that your child will remember and enjoy the most about camp, and two weeks together will only heighten that enjoyment.

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