The Most Anticipated Christian Camp Activities

In just about every genre, movies like depicting camp. Hollywood has used the setting for so many films that they’ve nearly romanticized the whole concept. Kids who have never been can hardly believe such a place exists, and grown ups retain nostalgic memories of their time at camp. First timers attend in wide-eyed expectation, but kids returning always have a few Christian camp activities they can’t wait to do again. Individual preferences certainly vary, and the diversity of camp activities lets everyone choose a favorite, but these three are always near the top of any list.

  1. Reuniting with friends. It can’t be listed among formal Christian camp activities because it happens in an instant. Camp gathers together kids from all over the state, sometimes nation, to spend a few summer days in friendship. Campers might write letters to each other during the school year, but it’s always the first day of camp where bonds truly reunite.
  1. Encountering creation. Camp offers kids a wide range of learning opportunities. Christian camp activities can teach sports, crafting, swimming, and a whole host of other skills. It’s the opportunity to be outside, though, the real immersion in the natural world that kids love the most. City dwellers rarely get to see the untamed wilderness, which is why so many campers look forward to just being outside.
  1. Time with God. It’s called Christian camp for a reason, and really, all of the other activities pale in comparison with the true purpose of camp. The youngest campers may not have developed the mind or faith for a profound spiritual experience, but older kids and counselors know these weeks can be a time of intense connection with God. Without distractions, responsibilities, and a bustling city, the worship sessions and quiet times at camp often lead to a deeper connection with the Lord. It isn’t uncommon, then, for many campers to appreciate their time with God most of all.

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