Trick Or Treat

Halloween is such a fun time, children dressing up in a costume they have been thinking about for months. Some of the children I have seen, for one night no longer go by their name but by the character they are dressed up as. Imaginations are running wild as they are able to fly, sling a web, or use their magic wand. To add to the fun they are able to race from house to house, knock on a neighbor’s door and get candy just for saying “Trick or Treat”. Naturally, this holiday, like many others, can lend itself to a “me centered” attitude. Imagine my shock when I saw a trick-or-treater exhibit the” I’M THIRD” attitude we teach at Deer Creek Camp. Let me share the story.


One of the houses my daughter, Emma, was Trick-or-Treating at gave out huge glow sticks in addition to candy. Before we were at the end driveway all of the children in her group had them out and were playing with them. Emma’s glow stick, however, was a dud and gave off a weak pink glow that took some convincing in my mind to see. Emma’s attitude was great, she did not mind but Emily, her friend’s older sister, was concerned. She took it upon herself to trade her bright electric blue glow stick for Emma’s pale pink glow stick. I was amazed to see Emily’s selfless attitude and thanked her for putting God first, my daughter second and herself third.


Today, being Three “Thank You” Thursday, she will be one of my thank you’s and I am sending her an “I’M THIRD” bracelet. How do you show appreciation for your children exhibiting humility and the “I’ THIRD” attitude?



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