Uniting with Family Adventure Camps

Every family knows the joy of vacationing together. Shared experiences and thrills will bring any parent and child and husband and wife close as they witness the world side by side. Leisure and site-seeing vacations certainly create unity, but togetherness is really compounded with family adventure camps. When brought to the same place with similar goals and adventures, true bonding can take place—relationally and spiritually.

Whether it’s with an organized church or a trip independently planned by your family, Deer Creek Camp allows you and your loved ones to experience God and adventure side by side. With a climbing wall, 1,000 foot zip line, and huge barn swing, you can overcome fears and support each other as your test your physical limits. The natural ambience too, is best enjoyed with others. Most of our campers only get to witness the beautiful sunrises and local wildlife with friends or possibly siblings, but encountering these things with your closest family is an incredible experience not many people get to have.

We at Deer Creek know how powerful and meaningful these family trips can be, so we work hard to keep them affordable for anyone. With a large enough group, staying at Deer Creek is less expensive than most hotels—and our rates include not just food and lodging, but complete and free access to all of our adventure programming. Renting a beach condo or taking a road trip to Disneyland is certainly fun, but an equally enjoyable and perhaps longer lasting experience can be had with family adventure camps.

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