What Kids Learn at Texas Overnight Camp

So it’s summer, and you have not had time to plan a family vacation to some exotic location outside the city. Also, if you have kids, your plans must revolve around whether said vacation keeps the interest levels peaked so you do not hear the dreaded, “I’m bored”.

Now you could certainly be a tourist in your own town and try the “staycation” route. For example, if you live in San Antonio, you could actually take time to dine on the Riverwalk, tour the Alamo, or visit the many museums that San Antonio has to offer. However, what if there was a place close to home where the kids would never be bored, and you parents could still do the staycation thing without ordering kids’ meals? What if there was a place where your kids could learn great new things about themselves and about others in a safe environment? There is at a Texas overnight camp!

One of the places to accomplish this in the San Antonio area is Medina’s Deer Creek Adventure Camp. Led by a professional, trained, and dedicated staff, your child will learn to perform basic life skills on his or her own without having to be told.

The many group and individual activities at the camp teach children how to work together to meet common goals, as well as how to meet their individual goals. Leadership skills learned at this Texas overnight camp will stay with your child throughout his or her lives.

At the same time, kids learn how to slow the pace of their lives and break away from the tether that cell phones, video games, and computers seem to have on them. Adventure activities like rope climbing, swimming, and zip lining are just a few of the many activities that add the fun quotient to the mix.

At the end of the camp term, your child will appreciate the natural, little things in life, have improved confidence, and likely will have made long term friends. You on the other hand, will appreciate your child and benefit from time away with a new sense of connection.

You can learn more about these amazing programs at www.deercreekcamp.com.

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