Why Attend Christian Summer Camps?

Unless they’ve asked to go on their own volition, it’s a question your children will probably ask when you sign them up. With so many secular choices available, choosing a camp with a focus in faith may seem too limiting. If you ever went as a kid, you know the benefits of Christian summer camps, but we’ve still outlined the key advantages.

  1. Freedom from distractions. Even for kids, this world is filled with responsibilities and activities that distract our minds from God. No relationship can grow without investment, and kids won’t invest in something unless it becomes a priority. Attending Christian summer camps removes all the factors of school, popularity, and video games, allowing kids to focus solely on the Lord and fellowship with other Christians.
  1. Breaking outside of comfort zone. School and home life can very quickly become routines, but challenges and adversity are really what promote growth. Being pulled away from family, friends, and television isn’t always fun, but it makes kids appreciate their lives more—and appreciate a wider array of life experiences. They’ll return from camp understanding themselves better and with a new willingness to try more things.
  1. Strengthening character traits. Leadership, endurance, and independence can all emerge in a camp environment faster than in almost any other setting. Some school projects require collaboration, but Christian summer camps necessitate kids to work respectfully alongside each other. Leaders quickly emerge, personal limits get tested, and self-reliance grows as kids discover nature, God, and new skills together.

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