Why Send Your Kids to Christian Summer Camps?

There are many horror stories of snakebites, bullies, and bad food, but not all camp experiences are so awful. Many adults look back to an early summer with grand appreciation, noting it as one of the most important points of their development. For some, camp just means overcoming homesickness and learning how to swim, but there are other reasons to send your kids to a Christian summer camp.

Since God created it, evidence of Him can be found all throughout nature. City dwellers and suburbanites don’t get to experience much more than grackles and the occasional squirrel, so the opportunity to spend a week in the woods or beside a lake can be an important spiritual experience. Witnessing true wilderness is becoming more rare every day with modern development, so kids should get to see it while they still can.

Youth group is only once or twice a week, and the atmosphere of school and sports teams is hardly focused on God, so the majority of your children’s community is secular. It’s a reality of life, but it can be complimented with a few summer weeks among fellow Christians. Learning about God with a hundred peers can be an encouraging and instilling time of faith, and it’s an opportunity for growth that very few get to have.

If you’ve been taking your son or daughter to church since they were born, it’s easy for them to think of it as just something their parents believe. Most youngsters don’t make such a statement until high school or college, but it remains a “family faith” rather than a personal one. Summer camp can be one of the first opportunities for kids to make belief their own—when God exists in daily talks and conversation but no authority forces them to believe. Not every kid will come to such a critical development in their faith, but camp at least affords them the opportunity for it. And if they do so, they’ll certainly think back to that summer as one of the most important periods of their life.

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