You Can Play Too While Your Kid’s at Camp in Texas

A lot of parents go through separation anxiety when they send their kids to camp in Texas, but they should look at the time as fun for them too. Any sadness or fear is completely normal: you’ve spent endless hours with your children, and if camp is the first time you’re not there to protect them, that’s understandably hard. Psychiatrists will tell parents not to let their lives revolve around their kids, but it happens pretty naturally anyway. Rather than fear camp as the first time your children could get hurt without you, look at it as the first week in years you’ve had time to yourself.

Kids develop friendships while they’re at camp in Texas, so there’s no reason you as parents shouldn’t too. Instead of spending your mornings and afternoons in a carpool lane, grab coffee with a neighbor—or the parent with another child at camp. Raising kids has plenty of joys, but it can absorb every second of your day, and camp can be a week for you to socialize with other adults, or reconnect with old college friends. Juggling the tasks of homework monitoring, work, soccer games, and cooking, you might not usually have a free moment to sit down and write a letter, but you can with an empty house.

Family trips together, too, can be a lot of fun, but they’re different than vacations with just you and your spouse. Time alone together becomes a rare treat, and the opportunity to travel together even rarer. After you’ve sent your kids off to camp in Texas, there’s no reason you shouldn’t leave the house too. Even one night at a bed and breakfast can be a romantic experience you’ll remember forever. It might be hard to send your kids away, but if you take advantage of the time alone, it might be a bit hard to bring them back.

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