Fear of Failure

Good grades, standardized test scores, sports, and the arts are all things tugging on our children to succeed, but some experts feel it is important for our children to occasionally have the freedom to fail. The severe pressure to succeed can, without a doubt, produce a stressed out child but if he or she develops an unhealthy aversion to failure, then they will be less likely to take positive risks and try new things. This is a good reminder for me to encourage my Children and Campers to give their best and for me to be OK if it their performance is less than perfect. I think its also important that we, as parents and leaders, admit when we are not perfect or when we have failed so that we can model how to be successful in failure.
At Deer Creek Camp, we love for our Campers to try new things, whether its a new sport or leading a group through an activity for the first time. And though successes make for great examples, it is the failures that provide the best teachable moments, because we can then discuss other methods, the reactions of fellow campers and how to bounce back from failure. As Christians, these moments allow us to exercise grace for others and allow us to see our need to be fixed by God. In my opinion there is no better place to learn these lessons safely than at a Christian summer camp and at Deer Creek we take the time needed to train our staff to handle these types of opportunities for learning.

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