Kids Really Are Remarkable

Kids really are remarkable sometimes. I recently went to the 2013 Living Water International Gala. This organization exists help “communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and experience ‘living water’–the gospel of Jesus Christ” ( It was an incredible event, I told my father-in-law, who chairs the board, that it looked like a black tie rock concert. The speakers were from all over the world, but the most inspiring was two sisters, Katherine and Isabelle, you can see their pictures below with the LWI CEO Mike Mantel. In their presentation, they stood before an audience of 1,400 and tag teamed an informative, inspirational and flawless speech. They told us how they caught the Living Water vision and though they could not go drill a well, they wanted to raise money for the organization. And so it was, they began to fold and sell origami Christmas ornaments and in two years they would form Paper for Water ( and raise $174,000 for Living Water International.

Watching all of this unfold reminded me that children do remarkable things, we have only to give them the opportunity and support their drive. With that, it has been a blessing to give our campers opportunities to explore new things; sports, activities, or even a new opportunity to serve. Then it has been our joy to support our campers with the Deer Creek Camp values. In the coming months we will be showcasing a few of those stories where we have seen campers do remarkable things. So be on the look out in Camp News for Camper Call-Outs” and let us know if you know of any we need to report.
-Matt Waller
LWI Girls

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