The Ideal and The Real

Jesus pointed and taught toward the ideal and He refused to condemn those who fell short. Jesus didn’t come to judge but to justify; to connect rather than condemn. With the woman at the well and the rich young ruler, Jesus picked them up and point them in the right direction.

When team members fall short I feel compelled to criticize. This is where I stumble, I call it my “tripping stone”. I so desire to be the German inspector with chalk that marks the unacceptable production sending it back to the line where it can be retooled or redone. I have learned that in the dust of my chalk I leave my teammates wounded and wary.

There-in lies a tension that I must manage. The tension of producing perfection while empowering my teammates toward that end. When the real and ideal do not match up I must not give into frustration but seize the opportunity to teach.

Aren’t we glad God didn’t give into frustration? God had it all together in the Garden, then we sinned and he did more than teach; He walked with us, took our punishment, delivered us from wrath, and He is still teaching us. With that in mind, I figure I could do more with that chalk.

My hope is in HIS future.

-Papa Bear

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