Boogie with us!

It was a beautiful day here in Medina Texas! The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. For breakfast we had some of Alma’s famous pancakes and bacon!

At Jump Start Papa Bear taught us that God changes our lives from the inside out. He used caterpillars changing into butterflies as an example. Then it was off to Activities! Today the campers had a chance to feed Maverick, the deer, and the chickens. They also got test their aim at archery. Today, more campers were able to climb the vertical playground. It was fun cheering everyone on as they reached their goals. After Activities we had some lunch, celebrated a camper’s birthday, and then headed back to our cabins for some FOB time!

For Sugar Shack we jammed out to Disney songs and enjoyed some cool and refreshing juice pops. For Swim Time we were at the river and the pool. The girls down at the river floated in inner tubes and looked for river shells, and the campers at the pool showed off their dives and cannon balls!

After shower time we got ready for a groovy night. Tie-dye, denim, and flower crowns decorated the campers. After a delicious meal of Hot Dogs, we danced our way into the Great Hall and met our host of tonight’s game show. We played Trivia Games and Minute to Win It Games. We also danced the night away, and I believe the campers left with a newfound RESPECT for 70s music. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Papa Bear delved deeper into the meaning of sin tonight at Team Meeting. He emphasized the word “indulgence”. When we sin, we indulge ourselves in wrong decisions. It’s like we stuck our hands in black paint and every time we sinned or encouraged a friend to sin, the black paint spread. We indulged our hands in that black paint. But there is hope. There is one person that can clean us of that black paint – of our sins. We will find out who that is and how he does that tomorrow.

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