Happy New Year

Tradition has us to spend the last and first few days of each year pondering how we could better ourselves. If you are like me, setting New Year’s Resolutions is a chore every year. For one, I am usually so busy with Holiday stuff that I forget and won’t set one. I usually then default to living more healthfully because the holidays are anything but healthful and I feel I need a sugar and carbohydrate detox. With that in mind, I am still reluctant to make a resolution because up until this point in my life, I have yet to keep one.
Armed with this frustration, Jen (my wife) and I discussed how we will make 2014 better than 2013. We want to make resolutions that are life giving and not soul sucking objectives that frustrate when not met. Papa Bear illuminated this point just recently, presenting the concept of a “Live Line”. Similar to a “Dead Line” a goal must be met but instead of that being the ends it is the means from which we launch into life Fully Alive.
Moving forward think back to 2013:
What were you most proud of? 
When did you feel most alive? 
When did you feel most engaged? 
Discover these things and this year do them again but do it more often, do it bigger. and do it better.
…live extraordinary…
-Matt Waller

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