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It is with great joy that we would like to introduce Mason McGahen as our Experiential Outdoor Education Director. Mason, first came to Deer Creek in 2008 as a Sophomore at Texas A&M University and served as Summer Staff for three summer. Within that time he filled the post of counselor and boys camp leadership. After his stent at DCC he joined the Sky Ranch team where he worked with their summer camp and outdoor education programs. Mason will be responsible for outdoor education and teambuilding retreats during the school year and will be overseeing the 2014 LIA program. We are excited that he will bring a significant amount of experience with outdoor education and leadership programming. His fit into the team just right as he is intimately familiar with the culture and traditions of Deer Creek Camp but will bring the energy needed to launch our outdoor education program.


Mason is crazy about Cross Fit and loves any ice cream with chocolate but has a particular affinity for Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. His all time favorite books are Tolken’s “The Lord of the Rings” series and John Bunyon’s “Pilgrim’s Progress”. With favorites like that is makes sense that in 2010 he graduated from TAMU with a BA in English. Last, he is a twin.


You can catch Mason at the office line or via email at

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