Mmmmm Monday

Oh what a beautiful morning it was at camp today! It was cool and there was a little breeze. It warmed up during Bible Study. At Jump Start, Papa Bear talked to us that Attitude is Contagious and that we must have an attitude (is contagious) of gratitude.

Bear Competition followed, where we played Bear Brawl, O-Ball, Arena Soccer, and Three Ball.  After Bear Comp. we separated into specialties. The Outdoor Wilderness group learned how to tie Bowline knots and the Dance girls learned the first part of the dance they will perform at Team Meeting on Friday. For lunch Alma cooked up some chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce and tater tots. After campers received their mail, they headed back to their cabin for some well deserved FOB.

The theme of the day was Flash Mob Monday and all the cabins partook in it. It was awesome! So many great costumes and dance moves were seen during meals and roll call today!

For Sugar Shack we had Ice Cream cups and there were a couple of dance offs that ensued. Next it was off to Activities! After Activities we cooled off in the river. Some campers floated on tubes while others kayaked and canoed. Before dinner we retired the colors and sang our national anthem.  We enjoyed Alma’s famous King Ranch Chicken! J-Camp then broke for showers while S-Camp played Arena Soccer against the counselors.

We sang our praises loud during Team Meeting. Papa Bear closed us out for the evening with reassurance that Jesus does not judge us, but loves us for our hearts and wants a relationship with us.

We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us tomorrow!

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