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What a beautiful and eventful day it was at camp! The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze blowing. The theme of the day was Tie-Dye Tuesday!! We showed up to roll call looking like we just walked out of the 60s and 70s. We enjoyed some eggs and sausage. In Bible Study we learned what sin is (Self Indulgent Nature).

At Jump Start Papa Bear taught us what I’m Third meant with a story about Billy, the man who Bill’s Bunk is named after. Jesus first, others second, I’m third.

COOOOOOOMMMMPETITION! From Bear Comp. yesterday the Honeys & Polars were ahead but the Grizzlys and Sugars could come out on top tomorrow. All tribes played their hearts out and exuded tribe spirit. Spartan Ball was a new Bear Comp. game this summer and it was well received. Everyone had a blast! Then it was off to Specialties!

The photography lesson today was still life. They learned how to take photos of still objects before moving on to action photos. Speed and Agility ran ladders and Disk Sports practiced their throws.

For Activity rotation Sarita Casita, Almost Heave, and Brittney’s Bunk rode the Team Swing, while Hedgehog Home learned Archery Tag. Boy’s Camp had swim time at the pool and the girls floated and canoed in the river.

After shower time we got ready for a groovy night. Tie-dye, denim, and flower crowns decorated the campers. After a delicious meal of Grilled cheese, we danced our way into the Great Hall and met our host of tonight’s game show. We played Minute to Win it games, Family Feud, The Price is Right, and The Newlywed Game (how well do you know your counselor addition). We also danced the night away, and I believe the campers left with a newfound RESPECT for 70s music. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Papa Bear delved deeper into the meaning of sin tonight at Team Meeting. He emphasized the word “indulgence”. When we sin, we indulge ourselves in wrong decisions. It’s like we stuck our hands in black paint and every time we sinned or encouraged a friend to sin, the black paint spread. We indulged our hands in that black paint. But there is hope. There is one person that can clean us of that black paint – of our sins. We will find out who that is and how he does that tomorrow.

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