That’s a Wrap!

The week may be drawing to a close but that does not mean our excitement and energy has dwindled. We had a wonderful and eventful day!

We had some delicious pigs in a blanket with some eggs for breakfast. The campers enjoyed story time with Mama Bear after breakfast and then we broke for Bible Study. At Jump Start, Papa Bear taught us the Core Value, Choices have Consequences and that Attitude is Contagious so we must have an attitude of gratitude.

The rest of the cabins were able to climb the rock wall and vertical playground today and some even made it all the way to the top and had the chance to ride down the zipline. We also had a special visitor today. It was Rowdy! He is a therapy dog who was born blind. The campers loved him and he returned the feeling with sloppy wet kisses.

All of camp was at the pool for swim time this afternoon. It was a huge party complete with music and pool noodles! After swim time we took showers and dressed in our finest western attire in preparation for our HoDown this evening. For dinner we had Alma’s ever most popular PIZZA! Campers even went back for thirds! That’s how great this pizza is!

In the Barn Swing we had a Talent Show! We had several singers, a rapper, dancers, actors, artists, and a musician! We had some seriously talented campers this week and we are so glad we got to witness it. During Team Meeting, Hope showed the video she had been working on all week. Everyone was excited to relive the best week of their year!

Next up on the agenda was S’mores! All the campers had a chance to roast their very own mallow over our campfire. We sang songs and hung out with our new friends. Papa Bear then handed the mic over to the campers and allowed them to Say So. This is a chance for the campers to express what God revealed to them this week.

It was a beautiful end to a wonderful week and summer! Summer 2014 is now in the books.

So who’s ready for Summer 2015?! MAKE HAPPY HAPPEN!!

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  1. I managed to walk off and leave Mikaylas quilt and pillow there. Wouldn’t bother but its a really good quilt and I want it. When would be a good time to come? if it went home with someone else it’s okay as they will love it. Let me know, and thank you for taking such good care of Mikayla. She lives for camp. Linda Childers

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