It’s Friday! A day most look forward to at camp. This day has it all- Bear comp, pizza, s’mores, pool parties, Say So, and so much more!

The Amazing Race started off with a bang!  Kimmy’s Kabin and St. Elmo did inner tube races in the pool. The next stop in the race was scooter races in the Deer Dome with Sarita Casita and Bill’s Bunk. The sponsors were then off to the wet hair relay with Trinity’s Treehouse and Brittney’s Bunk on the football field.  Hedgehog Home was waiting down at the river for kayak races. At Archery Tag, the boys of Telluride Trail and T Bar T had to shoot their tribe sponsors with the padded arrows. The sponsors came running down the field and they were neck and neck. The last leg of the race was the Gauntlet! We have a new and improved Gauntlet this summer with giant wooden spools and other cool obstacles. LIA were our first campers to try it out and it was a huge hit! It was really an Amazing Race. But who won?! We must wait until tomorrow at Closing Ceremonies to find out!

PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!!! The only meal we release thirds and fourths for. It’s seriously that good! This year we even have new multigrain crust for our pizzas, making Alma’s homemade pizza even more delicious. Sarita Casita and T-T were the winners of Cabin Cleanup this week so they had the privilege of preparing their own personal pizzas with Alma. As we released for thirds all the campers began to chant “We! We We! We Want The Cook!” Alma came out of the kitchen and all of camp gave her a Standing O for her delicious food! Also during roll call before dinner, the girls from trip performed their Trip Song to the tune of Katie Perry’s Roar. It was catchy and very creative!

After Team Meeting, we headed down to the Shoe Tree and watched this week’s video! Everyone was excited to relive the best week of their year. Next up on the agenda was S’mores! All the campers had a chance to roast their very own mallow over our campfire. We sang songs and hung out with our new friends. Papa Bear then handed the mic over to the campers and allowed them to Say So. This is a chance for the campers to express what God revealed to them this week.

This was a beautiful end to a wonderful week at camp! AC2 is now in the books!

See Ya Later!!!

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