The Greatest Giver

Today’s theme was Old People Day. We saw many oversized sweaters and suspenders. Some people even busted out grey wigs and beards. We enjoyed some of Alma’s delicious pancakes and bacon!

After Bible Study we said see ya later to the lovely ladies of Trinity’s Treehouse as they went out to Pecan Valley for Trip with Otto and BK. We are excited to hear all their Trip stories when they return on Friday.

Papa Bear taught us that we should handle things One Rock At A Time today at Jump Start. In Bear Comp the Honeys & Polars still hold the lead but Grizzlys & Sugars still have a chance to pull ahead. We are all looking forward to the Amazing Race and the new Gauntlet.

Tonight for dinner we had another one of Alma’s specialties, Chalupas!! Wednesday night is always Chalupa night here at camp. This camp meal is up there in the popular list along with Pizza night and King Ranch Chicken.

On Wednesday’s we learn about salvation. We learned that Jesus takes our burdens from us but we have to hand them to Him. For the Gospel Drama we heard the perspectives of Mary, Barabbas, Pilate, and a Roman Soldier during the Passion of Christ. Afterwards we went out into the field with our carpet squares, looked up at the stars, and reflected on our relationship with Christ. It was definitely a powerful evening!

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1 Comment on “The Greatest Giver

  1. This post reminds me of the Bible verse I emailed to my son Daniel today.

    “Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever”
    Daniel 12:3

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