The More The Merrier

What a week this is going to be!  We welcomed over 150 campers today! The SBTW 4 campers poured in the gates excited to see their friends and to get their bunks. After the campers settled in their cabins and were reunited with their friends, we played all camp games led by Karl in the Deer Dome and then proceeded to take the swim test.

Two buses from Corpus Christi arrived in the early evening and dropped off over 100 campers! We welcomed them and quickly divided them into their cabins. Then it was off to the pool to do their swim test.

After swimming we retired the colors to our national anthem. After burgers by the river the campers were indoctrinated to another summer of camp at Spikes Hollow through our wacky rules skit and Bear Tribe Initiation. Papa Bear wrapped up the night telling the campers about the summer theme, GO!!.

The theme for tomorrow is Flash Mob Monday. We are excited to see what crazy dance moves will be thrown down!

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1 Comment on “The More The Merrier

  1. Hi!
    We also arrived at our destination:Madrid, Spain! Sounds like u’ll have a great week. Take lots of photos! Bless all of U,
    Nannie & Annabelle

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