We’re Girls’ Camp Baby!!

While recruiting around campuses these past several weeks, we have been busy looking for the best of the best for our 2014 staff. Interviewing and hiring our girls’ staff is one of my favorite things about this time of year. During the interviews, I get to hear about the applicant’s life, how she is growing in her relationship with God, and seeing if she would be a good fit to work as a counselor.  Asking questions about someone’s biggest weakness is a great way to see the character and authenticity of the applicant. No one really likes sharing their weaknesses with people, especially during an interview! I absolutely love when girls are real about the things they struggle with, to see that through the struggles they are becoming more like Jesus. Isn’t that how all of us are? Struggles are a part of life! We should be honest about those struggles and depend on God to help us through them to become more like Him.

Girls Camp Mud

This process reminds me of Summer 2013 when Girls’ Camp got to talk about being real. Real not only with each other, but also with themselves and with God. Playing in the mud, being silly and getting messy was such a fun way that we were all able to just be ourselves this summer! There was no trying to impress anyone. As girls, we so often compare each other and ourselves to people around us, and trying to act like or look like the girl next to us. Being real is hard, but God made us to be us, not pretend to be someone else. I hope that each girl camper has been able to find people they can be real with, and are seeking after the Lord, showing Him her true heart.

We’re Girls’ Camp Baby,

Caitlyn Jolley

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