Chloe Sutton: What’s Next

Chloe Sutton celebrated her 23rd birthday on Tuesday and along with her celebrating she announced her retirSutton_Chloeement from competitive swimming. Chloe will be heading up our swim camp (X-Stream Swim Camp) this summer. In an interview with USA Swimming Chloe said she waited to retire after Nationals. She said she put a lot of thought into her decision to retire and that in the end it was the right choice. But what’s next for Chloe? She said she plans to continue teaching swim clinics. She even mentioned us in her interview, “I just love doing the clinics and speaking. I will also be doing a Christian swim camp in Medina, Texas this summer (June 14th-20th).” Chloe said she also would like to get into some sports broadcasting; be on the other side of the sport.

We are excited for Chloe and continue to pray for her as she journeys into the next part of her life!


Photo Credit: Swimming World Magazine

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