So It Begins

Finally, camp is here and it could not come any sooner! The campers poured in the gates excited to see their friends and to get their bunks. Running hugs, chest bumps, and high fives were shared as camp friends and families were reunited. Settled in their cabins, the campers played all camp games led by Karl and Mason. Eric taught us the pool rules and we then proceeded to the swim test. A dip in the pool felt nice but afterwards we were hungry and ready for some camp food. We had delicious chopped beef sandwiches down by the river and got to know our cabinmates.

As the sun set and the lightning bugs speckled the air, the campers were indoctrinated to another summer of camp at Spikes Hollow through our wacky rules skit with DJ Kevy Kev and Bear Tribe Initiation. Papa Bear wrapped up the night telling the campers about the summer theme, Press On!!.

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