We Got An Olympian In Our Pool

We have more campers!  We welcomed home returning campers and new campers for AC 2. The campers poured in the gates excited to see their friends and to get their bunks. After the campers settled in their cabins and were reunited with their friends, we played all camp games led by Mason and Tricia in the Deer Dome. We have a special guest at camp this week. Chloe Sutton, a two time Olympian and our X-Stream Swim Camp Coach, received a big Deer Creek Camp welcome! Afterward, we all headed to the pool to take the swim test. The swim test was awesome and we had to have a quick pool party to start this week off right!

After swimming we retired the colors to our national anthem. Burgers by the river were delicious as always and hit the spot after the rush of excitement upon arrival. The campers were indoctrinated to another summer of camp at Spikes Hollow through our wacky rules skit and Bear Tribe Initiation. Papa Bear wrapped up the night telling the campers about the summer theme, Press On!!.

The theme for tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day. We are excited to see what sweet hair dos we get tomorrow! I anticipate a couple mohawks.

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